Thursday, March 5, 2009

How To Copy Wii Games And Play Without A Modchip

The best way is to first get CopyThatGame to copy your wii games. With it, you can copy your wii games without any tension and the grpahics, sound and everything else will be the same. No more searching for " how to copy wii games " anymore because i have already used it and it is great. Much much better than that over advertised gamecopypro which isn't even a game copying program!

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Then, in order to play copied wii games without a modchip, you will need to get HomebreWare which is a guide that i use aswell that shows you how you can run homebrew applications without harming,opening,touching the wii. Better yet, it doesen't void your warranty. With it you can learn how to play dvd's, import games, play games from other countries and much much more. But most importantly, it will let you play copied wii games!

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With these two, you can copy wii games and play without a modchip easily!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How To Burn Wii Games And Play Without A Modchip

It is very easy to burn wii games like i metioned in the other post but did you know that to play the copied wii game you will need a modchip! But there is a way around that, you can get HombreWare which is a guide that tells you how you can play the copied wii game on your nintendo wii without having a modchip. The method used is safe and does not void the warranty as you never even touch the wii.I have bought it and it works with no problem!

Not only that but with it, you will be able to:

Play games from other countried, in other words, region crack every game.

Play games from the N64, Sega Genesis, Gamecube and other vintage console systems right on your Wii.

Run Homebrew applications.

Get accces to 2000+ games.

I have had it and it is great! To get Homebreware

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Monday, March 2, 2009

How To Copy Nintendo Wii Games

Hi, if you want to copy wii games like many other people from around the world, you have to have a dvd burner to actually transfer the data. Than you have to have a program which can read wii disk because not all burners like nero etc... can do this.

Why? Well simply because Nintendo puts a protection barrier on the wii disks making it impossible to read. Luckily, high tech programmers have made software that can crack the code if you want. Once you have the software, you can copy virtually any wii game aswell as other gaming disks.

The one I use is Copythatgame because it is reliable and cheap.

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